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Underachievers – The (sort of) Movie

It's finally here! Footage and interviews from the final night, together with photos through the ages. Lovingly put together by our favourite collaborators, those multi-talented boys at Plastic Zoo, more commonly known for their work on MCR Scenewipe. You can view many of their live band videos for us on one of the top bars there, and it now includes some amazing footage of the last ever band to play Underachievers, Ghost Outfit.

Big thanks to everybody that agreed to do a drunken cameo for this. And fear not, we all wince together!

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Fucked Up & Titus Andronicus with METZ

Hello, is anybody still out there? Now the dust has settled on what we felt really was the clubnight to end all clubnights, we bring you news of one more event! Of course this was always planned. We have never said we were retiring from putting on gigs too. That said, this will be our last gig of 2013, as we are determined to take a proper break.

It just so happens, as we did with the clubbing side, this last show is the biggest we have ever promoted. Bringing not just one of the most raucous and exciting live acts in the world to town, but a triple assault. Fucked Up & Titus Andronicus are doing a once only, double headline tour in the UK this May. And quite incredibly, METZ are opening. Together with Hey! Manchester, we are delighted to host the Manchester date at Sound Control on Wednesday 29th May.

The order of which band is headlining will not be announced until the day of the show. Both are renowned for electric live performances. Anybody who has seen Fucked Up get in amongst the crowd, or was there when Salford Lads club floor bounced to Titus Andronicus knows this is not to be missed!

Times will be doors at 7. METZ at 7.30. Somebody at 8.30. Somebody else at 9.45. £15 adv. tickets are still available from Seeticketswegottickets and Ticketline, as well as in person from Piccadilly RecordsVinyl Exchange & Common. As it stands, there will be tickets on the door, but you are advised not to chance it...

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Fri April 26th – The Last Ever Underachievers with Ghost Outfit

Here we are. After 5 years, 99 clubnights, and a few months of us plugging the hell out of it, boring you senseless and being right media hussy's, The Last Ever Underachievers is upon us. The first of the finales, our 5th Birthday on Saturday, was bloody wonderful. If you missed it or if you just want some instant nostalgia, you can check out the pictures on Facebook and listen again on Spotify.

Next Friday will of course open with a band. We don't like to single out bands too much, as all that we have ever put on we have liked, that's why you do it (or why you should). However, it's hard not have a few favourites, and Ghost Outfit are definitely one. Why them for the last one? We felt, like with Patterns too, they had been synonymous with the night. They are also the right fit to smash things up at the end, being one of the most energetic and ferocious live bands around. For anybody unfamiliar, check this track - Difference. They gave us this exclusively on our comp, as it didn't even make their upcoming masterpiece of a debut album!

After the band, it is the last ever clubnight. There's a poll currently going strong on the Facebook event with people voting what they want to hear one last time. This is your last chance for an Underachievers dance, so make it count. We will be going strong til at least 4am though, so please pace yourselves!

£4 adv. tickets here. They have been really shifting since the 5th Birthday Night. We will hold some back for the door, but they will be £5 and you will have to arrive in good time. Times are as follows - doors open at 10. Ghost Outfit 10.30. The Last Ever Underachievers Clubnight 11p-4am. Free CDs and fanzines for the first 50 ticket buyers through the door, and once again, The Roadhouse will be decked with a poster exhibition of Underachievers through the ages. And seeing as they were such a hit, the stage will once again have triple vision dogs!

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Sat April 13th – Underachievers 5th Birthday with Patterns

It's April, and this may now not be the biggest funeral of the month, but we guarantee that Underachievers will end in some style. Yes, this Saturday is the 5th Birthday of the night. It also happens to be part one of our Grand Finales.

This night features one of our favourite bands - Patterns. A band we have watched grow over the last couple of years, and are lucky enough to have shared some of this with. They've go on to get 6 Music play, do shows in Europe, play Bestival. They write interesting and ambitious songs, mixing elements of shoegaze, electronica and lo-fi, but never losing sight that they are essentially crafting a huge pop song. This is their first Manchester show since last September, and will be your first chance to hear new material from their upcoming debut album.

After that, we are doing an extended clubnight (finishing at 4am), so that we can fit in all your favourites one last time. This is why we also pledge that no song that features on this night, will also be played on The Last Ever Underachievers at the end of the month. These are your nights, please use the facebook events and other mediums to let us know what you would like to hear!

Adv. tickets are just £4 from wegotickets. In with your ticket price, you get a free 30 page fanzine that we have put together, and a free compilation CD. This is our first release of sorts and is currently streaming on Soundcloud via the ever excellent Crack In The Road blog. The first side of this will be given out on Saturday, and the second side on the final night.

You will be able to rock up on the door on the night for £5. Only with a ticket will you get the fanzine and CD though. The Roadhouse will also be decked out with an Underachievers poster exhibition through the ages. Doors open at 10pm. Patterns 10.30. Underachievers clubnight from 11pm til 4am!

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Fri 29th March – Kid Canaveral & Letters To Fiesta

The end is nigh, but we're delighted to report that the nights are only getting bigger. The dancefloor was so much fun last time out that we even made another Spotify playlist. And now, this Friday. The Friday before Easter. We are back with the last clubnight before the April Grand Finales. All the ingredients are there for another classic. Not least with the bands we have chosen for this one...

Edinburgh's Kid Canaveral are such an underrated band. They craft superb jangly pop songs. They are touring in support of their new album called 'Now That You Are A Dancer.' If you are not yet familiar, we'd recommend listening to their new single, 'The Wrench' to get you started.

Complimenting them perfectly are a band that are quickly stating their case as one of the most interesting and ambitious pop bands coming out of Manchester at the moment, Letters To Fiesta. They have just returned from a year long absence, and if their recent sold out return at The Castle is anything to go by, this break has only served to make people appreciate them more.

The Roadhouse doors open at 9pm. Letters To Fiesta 9.30. Kid Canaveral 10.30. Then Underachievers clubnight bringing it home til close!

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